Monday, September 19, 2005

Wikis: Disruptive Technologies for Dynamic Possibilities

I am pleased to announce the availability of my PowerPoint presentation titled “Wikis: Disruptive Technologies for Dynamic Possibilities” that was delivered at Digital Libraries à la Carte: Choices for the Future, an international workshop held at Tilburg University, The Netherlands late last month [ ]

BTW: TICER 2005 was a *Most Excellent * Program !

A self-archived copy of my presentation is available at

The presentation reviews the general nature and structure of select wikis, the features and functions of popular wiki software engines, and describes the content and use of wikis by select businesses, colleges and universities, and libraries.The presentation also speculated about the wiki as an environment, framework, and venue for Disruptive Scholarship, my proposed model for alternative scholarly authorship, review, and publishing [ ]

In this Era of Open Access, I conclude the presentation with The Bold Question:

"Is Wiki Method/Methodology the Full/True Means Of Achieving/Creating Real Open Access?”

Think About It !

As Always, I would Most Appreciate Any and All Critiques/Comments/Criticisms/ Etc. .